The Scratch at Bowery Ballroom

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Bowery Ballroom | New York, New York

The Scratch

Are you a massive fan of rock music and need a live music escape this year? Well, say less because The Scratch is coming to in 2024 and this could be just what the doctor ordered! This once-in-a-lifetime performance takes one of the greatest talents in the genre and assures you of a night you won’t every forget! Excellent lyrics, right arrangements, a sick stage production, surprise musical guests – these are all things you can expect when The Scratch comes to New York, New York. Tickets are still available, so be sure not to miss out on this amazing chance at a musical heavyweight! By clicking the ‘get tickets’ button now, you get access to one of the unrivaled performers to hit the scene ever. Reserve yours today!

Can you think of anything that beat the amount of excitement that you feel after you secure your ticket to see your favorite The Scratch live. Blood rushing, a smile stretching across your face, you can already hear your favorite songs, you can experience the melody. Bowery Ballroom is the perfect place to meet other fellow The Scratch fanatics. The magnificent atmosphere will help you meet fellow The Scratch fans and meet many new friends to share this experience with. From waiting in line to getting a drink at the many refreshment bars around the venue, you’ll have many chances to share your excitement with other fellow fans. And what a better place to make memories than Bowery Ballroom, New York’s favorite venue! It’s enough to say that Bowery Ballroom loves country music and brings everything a country fan could possibly want. So the talent on stage won’t be the only reason to love your visit to Bowery Ballroom, because they also offer extra features that will make your Friday a special one.

The Scratch at Bowery Ballroom

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