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Bowery Ballroom | New York, New York


No one else hits the spot quite the way Wand! The combination of excellent lyrics and a mashup of catchy beats and choruses will definitely have screaming fans yearning for more. Once Wand gets going, you can’t help but sing along. Okay, dancing is not mandatory, but you’re already at the gig, so why the hell not? Enjoy the performances excellent anthems without fuss!

Wand will take center stage at the Bowery Ballroom, New York, New York on Thursday 18th July 2024, with excellent tunes that skyrocketed into the nations charts. Not to forget their excellent artistry that they flawlessly deliver at every gig on the live concert stage. No doubt, Wand will sell out the Bowery Ballroom to the rafters with a multitude of screaming fans.

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Wand has always been well-known for their astounding tracks with resonant lyrics. which is why just about everyone who’s going to be out in the audience that Thursday night in New York, New York and will be dancing along to at least a couple hits. In their live gigs, Wand are expected to crank it up a notch or two for sure. You are likely be hearing slower versions of their most popular songs or maybe some remixes that you won’t get on any album. All in all this just makes heading to one of these live performances all the more worth it!

Of course, if you’re headed to watch Wand, everything about the gigs is just as important as the tracks they decide to perform that night. The Bowery Ballroom stage may be the perfect backdrop for all the surprises that Wand might have up their sleeves. You will probably get to see some pyrotechnics go off as the hits to their just released single start playing in the background and all the people in the crowd starts cheering! When this happens, you’re gonna to be glad that you were able to get out to Bowery Ballroom!!!

With Wand you don't get two identical tours. What that means for you is that the performance that they’re going to be putting on in New York New York won’t keep coming back here the following year. Maybe they won't even tour next year. You just never know when the next opportunity to get them live is sure to be.

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Wand at Bowery Ballroom

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